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Official Nordis Equipment Representatives: „Baltic Refrigeration Group,“ UAB, and „Celsis,“ UAB

We appreciate your choice of Nordis equipment and assure you that our equipment meets EU quality standards and manufacturer specifications. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for 36 months for products sold when purchased from the Seller, who can be either an Official Representative or an intermediary. The warranty starts from the date of issuance of the VAT invoice or any other document (e.g., receipt, equipment acceptance-transfer report) confirming the purchase of the equipment. The warranty is subject to the condition that the equipment is installed professionally in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and applicable standards, and that systematic preventive maintenance of the equipment will be carried out.

  1. The Official Nordis representative guarantees that the sold Nordis equipment is new, and free from defects, and during the warranty period, only defective parts will be replaced. The warranty does not cover any other damages or compensation claims.
  2. The warranty is applicable only if the equipment is installed and commissioned by natural or legal persons who have a Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Handling Certificate issued according to Order No. D1-420 of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania dated July 20, 2009.
  3. For warranty service and maintenance of the equipment, please contact the legal or natural persons who performed the installation and commissioning work.
  4. Warranty Conditions:

a. Nordis equipment installation must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and applicable standards.

b. The equipment must be operated as intended, following the manufacturer’s technical instructions and recommendations.

c. In case of equipment failure, it must be reported within 48 hours of the occurrence, providing the purchase document confirming the acquisition of the equipment.

d. Throughout the warranty period, the equipment must be serviced by the legal or natural persons who installed it.

*Technical service must include the following tasks:

i. Electrical input check

ii. Refrigerant/Freon quantity and gas pressure check

iii. Cleaning of internal unit filters

iv. Cleaning of the evaporator and condenser

v. Inspection of internal and external unit fans and their blades

vi. Inspection of condensate drain hose

vii. Verification of supply air temperature in heating and cooling modes

* If the equipment is operated for only one season per year (either cooling or heating, e.g., cooling during the summer season, heating during the winter), preventive technical maintenance should be performed once every 12 months. A condition is that maintenance should be performed by a legal or natural person with an F-gas certificate and qualification, as well as the necessary equipment.

** If the equipment is installed in a highly dusty or dirty environment, preventive technical maintenance should be performed every 6 months.

  1. The Official Nordis representative’s warranty for product quality does not apply and is not valid in the following cases:

a. The buyer/end-user or non-certified individuals themselves repaired the product.

b. The product is mechanically, thermally, chemically, or otherwise damaged.

c. The product was used for purposes other than its intended purpose.

d. Deviation from installation or usage technical documentation during use, storage, storage, transport, or installation.

e. The product was damaged by third parties and this has nothing to do with natural wear and tear and/or defects or actions of third parties beyond the control of the Official Nordis representative or the manufacturer, i.e., floods, storms, lightning, short-circuits, lightning, force majeure, accidents, fires, voltage fluctuations, power supply interruptions, and other similar circumstances.

f. Failure to follow preventive maintenance for the product.

g. The equipment was relocated.

h. The equipment was installed by a legal/natural person who does not have a Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Handling Certificate issued according to Order No. D1-420 of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

i. The warranty recipient has not covered at least one debt to the warranty provider or acquired the product unlawfully and cannot provide a VAT invoice or other document confirming the purchase of the product.

j. There is no manufacturer’s original sticker/label on the equipment, which allows for the exact identification of the product model code, manufacturing date, and serial number.

k. The equipment was operated in a dirty or contaminated environment that does not comply with temperature and humidity restrictions.

  1. Warranty claims must be filed with the legal or natural person from whom the equipment was purchased.
  2. The warranty is valid in all European countries. For warranty service, please contact the representative of Nordis in the country where you purchased Nordis equipment.
  3. Acceptance of Goods: When receiving ordered goods, please inspect the shipment and the condition of the goods, and sign the transportation waybill or another document confirming the transfer-acceptance of the shipment. In case you notice damages to the package, the external appearance of the goods, or discrepancies in the goods‘ completeness during the transfer-acceptance of the shipment, make sure to take photos and note them on the shipment transfer-acceptance document. If in doubt, open the package in the presence of the courier and verify if the goods are intact and undamaged. If the customer signs the waybill without comments, it is considered that the shipment has been handed over undamaged, and the Official Nordis representative or intermediary does not assume responsibility for:

a. Subsequent claims for damage to goods if there is no factory defect as the basis for such damage.

b. Damage to the goods mechanically, thermally, chemically, or in other ways.

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